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We are all connected globally through the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the technology we use. This project aims to explore these connections through the broad theme of health and wellbeing, focussing on mobile phones, jeans and the production and use of tobacco.

Ultimately, the project is about giving young people the skills, confidence and motivation to take action for social change. Through raising awareness of the reality of how consumerism works and how people are exploited on many levels, locally and globally, to perpetuate an ever-increasing throw-away consumer society.

Scotdec is working on this project with partners in three other European countries – Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland. In each country, groups of teachers will work with their pupils to explore the issues and develop strategies and materials that can be shared with others.

In Scotland we are working with the ‘Tynecastle Cluster’ schools in Edinburgh (Tynecastle High School and Dalry, Stenhouse, Balgreen and Craiglockhart Primary Schools)

This is a 3 year project funded through the European Commission’s programme for “Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union”.


Polish Green Network (PGN) is a national non-profit umbrella organisation for 10 of the strongest environmental and sustainable development associations and foundations in Poland, making it one of the few NGOs in Poland able to work across all regions of the country.

Institute for African Studies is a research oriented organisation active in global development education and advocacy, working on the impacts of the North on the South and vice versa.

Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives (CEGA) works to build capacity at different levels, change attitudes and improve policies for social inclusion of disadvantaged communities.

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